Dover Design Associates Limited

At Dover Design we love what we do! Creative Effective Design: Teamwork Integrity & Quality Every day a new challenge, each project approached with fresh enthusiasm We anticipate problems early & use our clients investment to best advantage, coming up with the right solution at the right price.

At Dover Design we love what we do! Every day is a new challenge, because no two jobs are the same, and that means we approach every project with fresh eyes, and the enthusiasm shared with our clients.
We have been around long enough to anticipate most problems before they arise, and have a good sense of budget, and how to use our clients' investment to their best advantage. Our purpose is to help make our projects commercially successful by the best use of the space, and never indulging in design for its own sake but coming up with the right solutions at the appropriate price.
We believe in teamwork, integrity and quality, and welcome those that share our vision of making this world a happier place.


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