P-Wave® are market leaders in air care. Highly Fragranced and easy to use they are the most effective range of products to make your Bar, Restaurant or Hotel smell wonderful. From our best selling Urinal Screens, to our unique recyclable Easy Fresh Fan system, there's something for every area.

P-Wave® offer a Market leading range of air fresheners in the UK!
As producers of the UK's most fragrant urinal screen, P-Wave® have long been the go to company for fragrance. With plenty of Mango, Spiced Apple, Ocean Mist, Honeysuckle, Citrus, Cucumber/Melon, and Fabulous, you're sure to find a fragrance you'll love!
P-Wave® have some brilliant solutions to fragrance the smelliest of areas, both inside and outside the washroom. Our products are used in offices, waste areas, entrances, in cars and even in vacuum cleaners all over the UK!
So why not pop along to our stand to bag a fragrant freebie and help us to spread the
P-Wave® love!


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