Segula is a German producer of high-quality design driven LED filament lamps. They have been leading the way in dimming quality and range growth since the introduction of the expanding LED filament lamp market. Segula's sole UK distributor is Auraled UK Ltd a leading supplier of LED Lighting.

Segula produces high-quality design driven LED filament lamps. But as the market is rapidly discovering not all LED's are created equal!

While LED filament lamps certainly aren`t new to the market, the quality and performance of them can vary dramatically. The vast increase in poor quality imports lead to a drop in price, but unfortunately, more often than not it has also seen a dramatic decline in quality too. Proving the old saying of you get what you pay for.

This Year is the 10th Anniversary of Segula a German producer of high quality LED filament lamps. Segula has been leading the way in dimming quality and range growth since the introduction of this expanding sector.

As the filament lamp market has developed the expectations and demands of the consumer, have grown too. To stay at the forefront of the sector, Segula has invested heavily into developing a range of products that are not only design-led but lead the market regarding performance.

Segula has been working closely with Lutron, and Eaton to ensure the dimming compatibility of the lamps is of the smoothest level in the Industry. After all who wants to sit in a restaurant eating an expensive meal with flickering lights in the background?

The correct level and ambiance of light within any given environment can dramatically enhance the atmosphere for the consumer. Segula has captured this feel by creating a wide range of design-driven styles that go beyond being just a lamp, but make a creative statement in their own right.

Segula has complemented the design with a level of technical performance that is second to none when it comes to reproducing the pleasant, warm light of an incandescent lamp but with the energy saving performance of an LED.

Catering to all, markets and using a combination of design, style, and technical expertise Segula have developed an eclectic range of lamps to suit all applications.

From beer bulbs and wine bottles to the cutting edge `light sculptures` of the Art Line range, Segula has developed a range of lamps that more than meet the demands of creatively driven lighting consultants.

With prestigious installations in many high-end venues such as The Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge and The Adare Hotel in Limerick Segula has justifiably created a strong and growing following.

Segula's sole UK distributor is Auraled UK Ltd a leading producer and supplier of LED lighting solutions.

Come and see us on stand 3230 where we will be showcasing our range of lamps and demonstrating their technical performance.

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