WOODEN Germany GmbH

We at WOODEN Germany GmbH want to offer people more quality of life through good light. From high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship, we form luminous works of art made of real wood. The combination of wood and glass combined with the smartes LED technology creates this special light.

Wood veneers, covered by glass and illuminated with the latest LED technology create a fascinating light that looks like a fire place. With its warm shine it gives everybody a comfort feeling, reduce stress and improve the emotional well-being.
The specific lamination process of wood on glass, which is applied for a patent, allows us to install our products in several fields. From lamps in different categories we expand the application on furniture, wall decoration and even door frames. Above all, the gastronomy appreciates our extraordinary and decorative products and use them in their interior concept. The interesting aspect about our products is the smart home compatibility. Every product can be controlled via a mobile device and a free app, which includes many functions.

Stand Number: 3316